Nature,the beloved

‘Men may come and go, but I go on forever’, British poet Mathew Arnold had written  to celebrate the  immortality of Nature, the eternal nurturer of all beings.Nature is beyond any definition, she amuses , enlightens , excites and give  immense joy to mankind and all the beings. She expresses through her abundant wealth of greenery, scent of smiling flowers, unlimited freedom of rivers and through  ever receiving oceans.Nature is a perfect feast to the eye and soul.

Nature provides us life without any expectations, The flowers hardly aware of their beauty or the fragrance they spread around them, the river never think that she quenches the thirst of all living beings, and trees never get proud for supporting every living things. The Sun hardly prides about being the light of the world and the Moon doesn’t think it being the king of night.But we humans think highly of  ourselves, while in reality we do not give anything in return to nature or other beings except pollution, deforestation and disaster.We  are the only being that exploit  and use everything around us, we are the only beings that hardly respects Nature and other life forms on earth.  Is  intelligence makes us blindly selfish and arrogant?

 Will Nature ever forgive us for the great harm that we cause to her? Will she take revenge on us rapists and exploiters of her precious being? I do not know. But I wish if human beings were more grateful, more compassionate to know the essence of Nature and  her selfless love.

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