Lovely Himachal

Village life always enchants me, so I havn’t thought twice when I got an opportunity to visit a village near kareri in Himachal Pradesh. It is a long walk through mountains from the last bus point to reach the place, remote but green. It is enveloped by thick forested mountains as if to guard the tiny village. There was a wedding going on to which all villagers gathered at bride’s place. I was so warmly welcomed in my friend’s home and they did everything possible to make me feel comfortable. It was a delight to see the row of traditional Himachali house made of mud and wood. I barely felt cold inside the house though it was cold outside.

It is typical village where morning wake up with men readying for their daily cores as rearing cows and plowing fields, women with cooking roti(Chapati) and aloo(potato)in the traditionl oven. They display a fair amount of hospitality and are so curious like many of the Indians; you will be welcomed to every home with a sweet chai(tea). They live with limited resources, even TV is a luxury for them. I was so moved by the innocence and love of those simple inhabitants there, especially the lovely but shy girls. I think I do fall in love with Himachal Pradesh, her mountains, apple trees, snow and her lovely inhabitants.
As Gandhiji said, 'India lives in villages’ Indian villages are very slow to changes, modernity is too shy to embrace her, tradition and social law still decides the life of villagers. And this is perhaps the real face of India in her many other faces.