Balkan Blues

I am a fan of Balkan Movies. I have been seeing films from Balkan region (mainly from the small nations belonged to former Yugoslavia) during all the film festivals. This year too during IFFK (International film festival of Kerala) I watched many Balkan films (I have a very good reason to participate in Kerala Festival. Because I havn't seen such an enthusiastic audience who are so passionate about good films anywhere in India).

Balkan films have something unique about that. Many films portray the war traumas and individual sufferings, but underneath there is a quest for life, love and happiness. After 12 years of war, Balkan nations are recovering from the wounds and going through a period of transition. As films are the effective medium of cultural expression, Balkan films too poetically take us to the Balkan lives.
This time I have seen as many films from Balkan region as I can. I liked most was 'Mirage' and 'Kukumi'.

'Mirage' was the quest of a child for the love and warmth of a home. 'Kukumi' was the quest for self realisation of 3 people from the lunatic asylum. But what they witness in the 'real world' only embarass them and returns to the asylum.

Kukumi (the title character) asks 'why are this people running after me?' The magical flute of Kukumi silences even the soldiers. This film is a surreal portrayal of the contemporary Balkan lives, but it has got a universal appeal. It has beautifully woven the melancholy and absurdity of normalcy in the society.The music is simply superb. Kudos to the young film makers emerging from this countries.

Balkan films make me think of myself, society, the traumas of war...Ultimately human feelings and sufferings don't have any boundaries. It reminds me again and again that let never a war happen, let never innocent people suffer of somebody's quest for power and money.