A prayer for Malala-the little Angel

Little angel Malala- though the meaning of your name is ‘grief-stricken’, you makes me think of a beautiful unknown and nameless flower that envelop me with a sweet fragrance from your enchanting valley, Swat. My heart reaches out to you little angel, Malala, the amount of courage and wisdom you have shown is beyond your age, you are truly an angel sent by God to hold a light against the darkness of your beautiful valley. Tears roll down on my cheeks whenever I see your innocent angelic face and so astonished about the silence of the otherwise violent protestors in the name of religion, when you are targeted in such a brutal manner. I am so tempted to think like the ‘Little prince’ of author Antoine de saint-exupery, that the ‘grown up are really really odd’, they make a noise for nothing and interested only in triviality that often trivilalises noble causes. There are millions to take sword in the name of religion, but none to question an inhuman and brutal act on a little girl. I hope you would be the sunshine girl and the beacon of hope to millions of suffering girls in your country and around the world. Hope many girls would be inspired by your courage and brilliance. You represent hope and is a precious being, my prayers for you to get well soon, little sweet flower.