Hypocrisy at its worst

Too many things have been writen about Scarlette kneeling (British teenager who was raped and murdered in Goa), about her character, her mother’s character.All the reports are too eager to portray Scarlett (poor girl, they won’t even let her soul in peace) and her mother in a bad light.
Her murder case is sensationalised so much as she is a girl, it well serves the purpose of a pulp fiction that readers would ‘enjoy’ with their morning tea.

It is the norm in our society to dig out the background of a girl even in tragedy. But nobody bothers to inquire about the back ground of the criminals, the cops and politicians who helped them. They say she is a drunkard, into sex and drugs, besides her mother was irresponsible - may be true. But what about the men who drugged and raped a minor girl? Where our 'civilized' society place them? Why nobody wants to dig out their past? Why nobody bothers about the irresponsibility of their mothers?

All medias divert attention from the tragic death of a girl to her character. Are they indirectly convey that you would be raped if you are not careful? Or if you have not taken care of your girl, she well deserves a rape and murder? Sad, how apathetic the 4th estate in our country.
In reality women are unsafe in this strictly male dominated country. Indian men (I am sorry but I hope all the gentlemen who read this would agree with me) lack good education. I am sorry to say, but most of the men have no respect for girls, they just view them as commodity. And they feel western women from an open society are easily available.

I travel alone often, I have witnessed the sorry state of our women. I know how a woman will be treated when the ‘circumstances’ are favourable. Our society dwels on hypocrisy; a society that doesn't respect its women has no right to judge her.
Rape is the most heinous crime against woman - it is against her very soul and self-respect.

Let us be compassionate atleast to Scarlette's mother who fights alone against a corrupt establishment.