Bold,Honest and Unconventional

     'Bravest would vote for AAP', writes the Independent correspondent Mr. John Elliot in his column. AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal, armed with his will power sans money and muscle power of traditional politics is set to put up a big fight in Varanasi against BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in the coming Loksabha election. It doesn’t matter whether he will win or lose, but what is important is his courage to take on Modi, by braving threats and intimidation of BJP goons.

     He is an odd man in Indian politics, I have hardly seen any politician or common man as fearless as him in a nation of passive(rather coward) people. Another remarkable quality in him is his ability to think out of the box that too is a rarity  in India, we do not explore  the road less travelled, or try to be innovative in functioning. Those traits of him made him an ‘anarchist’ to media and to a majority of the people. The fault is our conditioned beliefs , reluctance to experiment and a total aversion to rebellious ideas.So that we still have to satisfy with mediocre in all aspects of our life, whether it is science,art,literature,or politics. Actually after Independence struggle, this is the first time that we witness a mass movement in India for a common cause, and Kejriwal commands credit for his leadership quality for accumulating this positive force in the country under one umbrella.

     Arvind  Kejriwal is the only politician who dared to speak up against the crony capitalism of business men like Ambani,Adani etc when even medias avoid reporting that. So the negative press and other threats that he encounters is not surprising. When you speak the truth, It is natural that you create enemies ; and people are used to the ‘lies’ of seasoned politicians.Media is controlled by politicians and politicians are controlled by corporates. So that they deliberately try to establish that AAP is anti business and anti development.

    I remember once a news anchor of a popular English channel was questioning an AAP member about the shame of a Chief Minister sitting on Dharna and by that the bad impression India sends to a foreigner. I think a visitor to India is more concerned about the poverty,begging,corruption,rape,unclean public places etc and we must be ashamed of such things.

     I strongly feel we desperately need people like Kejriwal to India become strong and fearless. Courage and honesty is a rare quality is today’s India, so if AAP fails, it would be our collective failure as a society.